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Communications Archive

Technical Services / Communications Archive

Communications Archive

This page contains some of the communication emails sent from Technical Services.

Exchange Upgrade Mailbox Migration - Initial Email

Dear colleague,

The University’s email system is being upgraded, as part of our overall progress towards using Office 365. There has been a lot going on behind the scenes to ready the technical infrastructure and we are now moving in to those areas where you will begin to see some changes. Nothing is being taken away but there are a few things we want everyone to be aware of:


There will be no noticeable change to your desktop Outlook application. However, if you use the online mail website (OWA), you will notice it is now more in keeping with other Microsoft websites (see example image below), so hopefully it will still feel very familiar.

 Outlook 2016 Screenshot


Mobile Devices

If you have a mobile device configured to receive your university emails you may need to change the settings on your device. The following webpage will detail any important changes:

Sunderland Campus Voicemail

The full transition to Office 365 will take some time and we need to introduce a slightly different way of retrieving voicemails, until we are all fully migrated. The current method of dialling x3900 to listen to your voicemails will be retired and instead, voicemails will be delivered directly to your email inbox as an audio file.

Coming Soon

We will be sending you an email closer to the date of your individual mailbox migration. The email will provide you w

Learn More

The full information on the Office 365 Project, including the above communication, is available at:


Kind regards,

Technical Services