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Staff UDS Automatic Shutdown

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Your Staff UDS machine, if not already switched off will automatically shutdown at 7.30pm each evening. If you have a valid business reason for being removed from this policy it can be disabled. The University is a supporter of The Big Turn Off initiative, which encourages all staff and students to turn off electrical appliances when they are not in use. The policy to shutdown machines falls in line with this initiative but the benefits are not just purely energy saving.

The benefits include:

Your machine is constantly kept up to date, during the start up process your machine will get updates, from Windows and other installed software that ensure your PC is working at its best. 

Your machine is at its most secure when it is switched off. You can not be hacked or infected with a virus when the PC is switched off.

How it works:

We would hope that you would switch your PC and Monitor off when you leave the office each evening, however, we appreciate that this may not always be possible, therefore the shutdown policy is a failsafe to catch those machines that could be switched off but haven't.

The shutdown process starts each evening at 7.20pm

You are given a 10 minute warning that the shutdown is about to happen. In this time you have the opportunity to save any documents you are working on or if necessary you can abort the shutdown (Start menu, ITS Utilities, Abort shutdown).

If you have missed the 10 minute warning and your machine has been shut down, you can restart your machine and continue to work.

The process will run on a Saturday and Sunday, to catch any machines that may have been used over the weekend.
You can request to be removed from the policy, however, you will have to provide a business justification for this.

This policy does not apply to UDS laptops

If you experience long start up times, (i.e. regularly over 10 minutes) please contact the IT Support team who will investigate the problem.