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Staff UDS Lite

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UDS Lite was designed to run on notebooks and other small portable devices, which do not have the systems requirements to run a full UDS install. Included in the UDS Lite installation is:

  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Endpoint protection - Anti virus
  • Adobe Reader
  • Adoble Flash plugin
  • Microsoft Silverlight plugin
  • Microsoft Sync Centre
  • Latest Microsoft updates

The UDS lite service is not designed to replace your main workplace PC or for continued use off campus as a replacement for a UDS laptop, the UDS lite service is designed to be a supplementary piece of equipment to aid mobility on campus, and to connect to specific University business systems. The UDS lite notebooks, should be connected via the University wireless service to ensure it stays up to date with Microsoft Endpoint anti-virus definitions and Micorosft updates.

To ensure the connection to the University WiFi service is maintained and the notebook is up to date, we request that the notebook is used at least once a fortnight.