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How to active your Adobe Creative Cloud account.

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Step 1:

Log a job with the service desk requesting a personal Adobe creative cloud account.

Step 2:

You will receive an email from Adobe, which will provide you with a link to login to your new account, click on install an app yourself:

Step 3:

This will take you to a web page, click SIGN IN on the top right of the page:

Step 4:

Click Sign in with an Enterprise ID

Step 5:

The page will refresh and you should enter your University email address:

Step 6:

Once you have entered your email address the page should change to the page below, Click Enterprise ID

Step 7:

You will be redirected to a University webpage, enter your University user id and password and click Login

Step 8:

You will be redirected to the adobe page and you should notice that you are now logged in:

Step 9:

Further down this page you will find a link to the download area, click Creative Cloud Apps Catalog

Step 10:

Select the product you wish to download and click Download, you can download more than 1 item: