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Ordering a Mobile Phone with Contract or Data Only SIM

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Mobile phones and contract costs are centrally funded and managed by Technical Services. Incurred costs will be monitored to ensure cost effectiveness.

By requesting a mobile phone for University of Sunderland business use you must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • The mobile phone number provided remains the property of the University of Sunderland and is subject to reallocation.
  • The device remains the property of the University of Sunderland and is subject to reallocation.
  • The SIM card must only be used in the device provided.
  • The device must only be used with the SIM card provided.
  • All call and data charges associated are the responsibility of the user.
  • The device should not be unlocked to other network service providers and you should not attempt to install an unauthorised operating systems (i.e. Jailbreak).
  • The device will be locked to the EE network and will not be unlocked to other networks.
  • You must secure the device with a passcode and enable remote device location services (i.e. Apple Find-My-iPhone) at all times.  Should the device be lost or stolen a remote erase of the device may be activated removing all data and contacts on the device which is not reversible.
  • Insurance will be provided to cover accidental damage and if the device is lost or stolen. You are responsible for contacting your local police station to report a device lost or stolen as soon as possible and request an incident number which will be required when reporting the device lost or stolen to the University of Sunderland IT Services.
  • If you are leaving the University at the end of your contract of employment, then your device and charger must be returned to University IT Services, however you may keep the headphones. Please make sure you have copied any data you wish to keep from the device (i.e. Phone numbers, photos); removed any PIN code to the handset or SIM;  and in the case of iPhones, removed connection to iTunes and iCloud before handing this over as it will be reset to factory defaults.


Before submitting a service request, you must have authorisation from your Service/Faculty Director or Dean.

A Mobile Phone with Contract:

Submit your request for a new mobile phone by completing a service request form on the IT Portal:

You will be given a 24 month contract which will include an inclusive call and data allowance based on your needs.

A Data only Sim:

If you require only data services (i.e. for use in a compatible iPad) submit your request for a data only sim via the IT Portal detailing how you plan to use this service so we can make an estimate on which data allowance best suite your needs.



When in the UK, if you exceed your data allowance you will still be able to use data but we will be charged at £2.50 per 50 MB chunk, so please constantly review your usage each month and advise us if you think you will consistently exceed your allowance so we can increase the data allowance to stay cost effective.


When in the UK, all calls/SMS made to UK mobiles and local/national numbers are part of your contract allowance and will not be charged outside of this cost. Calls from the UK to Europe/North America are charged at £0.11 per min. Calls to Rest of the World are £0.45 per min.

Before Travelling:

Before travelling outside of the UK, please contact University IT via the IT Portal to make sure you have roaming enabled on your contract and so that we can add an appropriate call/data bolt-on to reduce costs; it is the responsibility of the end user and their manager to ensure that the user is on the correct mobile phone tariff when travelling. Please submit a request via the IT Portal and allow 1-2 week notice.  Not doing so could leave you unable to get any service once you have left the UK until you have returned.

To Europe:

Calls and Data used in the EU will come out of your standard UK allowances and won’t be charged, unless you go over your contract allowance. Data used over your allowance is charged at £0.10 per MB. Sending a SMS from Europe is £0.02 per SMS.

Outside of Europe:

When travelling outside of the EU making and receiving calls and using data is very expensive, please contact University IT so that we can apply the appropriate bolt-on on to your contract to reduce these charges.

Bolt-on costs:






Rest of the World

500 MB (£0.20 per MB after) - expires after 30 days



Rest of the World

100 mins / 50 SMS – expires after 30 days






Data (with no bolt-on applied)

Rest of the World

£5.50 per MB

Calls to the UK

Rest of the World

£1.20 per min

Receive calls

Rest of the World

£0.85 per min


Rest of the World

£0.30 per SMS

Always use local Wi-Fi services where possible; whilst using Wi-Fi, using Skype for Business on your mobile phone to make calls will also drastically reduce call costs. When not using data, try to turn off “Data Roaming” function on your mobile phone to reduce the amount of data you phone will use in the background.