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About Voicemail

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The Vociemail service is provided by Microsoft and links directly with your Exchange email account via Outlook. The service has a number of new features which increase flexibility, allowing you to choose how you listen to your messages. Some of the features include having your voicemail messages delivered directly to your University email inbox where you can listen to these messages via a headset or your PC's speakers. If you have your email account active on a mobile phone you should also be able to listen to these messages on your mobile phone too. The service is voice activated (this feature can be switched off) allowing you to control all of the features without having to use the telephone keypad (excellent if you are accessing your voicemail from a mobile while on the move). The service can also play your Outlook Calendar entries for the day or the latest email messages in your Outlook account.

Listening to Messages

When you receive a voicemail an email will be sent to your account which will include a .wav file, you can play this directly from the email, you can send the message to your telephone handset via the play on phone function or alternatively you can log in to the system via your telephone handset and listen to your messages.

How do I request Voicemail?

If you are not currently a voicemail user and you would like to request access, please log a job via the IT Portal including your telephone number and we will setup your account. Once the account is setup you will receive an email from Microsoft Outlook advising you of your temporary PIN number, you can then log into the system and complete the voicemail setup.