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Voicemail Video Guides

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We have produced a number of videos to help with the process of setting up your mailbox, and using the new voice mail service.  These are broken down into key user areas such as initial voice mail box set up, recording and listening to voice mail messages, listening to other services, vociemail settings and setting up a shared voice mail box.

Initial Set Up

Initial set up of voicemail

Change your PIN

Switch your voicemail to Voice User Interface

Switch your voicemail to Touch Tone Interface

Record and listen to voicemail messages

Record a voice message

Listen to voice messages via outlook

Listening to voice messages on your phone (Voice User Interface / Touch Tone Interface)

Listening to voice messages on a different phone

Listening to Emails, Calendar, Personal Contact and the University Directory

Listening to emails (Voice User Interface / Touch Tone Interface)

Listening to calendar appointments (Voice User Interface Touch Tone Interface)

Searching the University directory (Voice User Interface)

Finding Personal Contacts (Voice User Interface)

Voicemail settings and tools

Switch missed calls email notifications on or off

Change your PIN

Change the order of voice messages

Record your vacation greeting

Record your personal greeting via Outlook

Record your personal greeting (Voice User Interface / Touch Tone Interface)

Outlook Web App - Play on phone function

Setting up and listening to shared voicemail

Setup and Using a shared voice mailbox in Outlook 2007  

Setup and Using a shared voice mailbox in Outlook Web App