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Allocating work to Academic Tutors is now online

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Technical Services recently designed a new online system, Allocate, which allows managers to allocate work to Academic Tutors.


This system was developed using the same software as JIRA for the off campus assignment system. Allocate went live mid-September, and makes allocating, and recording work as well as claiming hours worked by Academic Tutors an online process. It is where Allocating Managers offer hours to Academic Tutors.


Moving the allocation process online removes the need for paper forms, emails, spreadsheets, and ‘processing time’. It means all the information is kept in the same place, and it is always up to date. With Academic Tutors logging their own information directly into the system, means they can request certain hours and allow the Allocating Managers offer work directly and as quick as possible. By having it in ‘real time’ makes it easier to keep track the process of any request or claim.


The new Allocate system came about after listening to feedback from colleagues on how the old model worked. Academic Tutors can see their full work load online, as the information is passed onto the HR team who then upload the information to iTrent.


To access the site, follow this link:
Use your University login and password to access the site.