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University of Sunderland is now one step closing to becoming a Data Centre Zero University

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Through the Data Centre Zero Project, the University of Sunderland entered into a partnership with ANS to enable the University to move to the cloud.


This cloud service will remove the need to have onsite data centres, and will see the University move information from its on-premise data centres to Microsoft Azure.

A dedicated team at ANS will be supporting the University throughout the migration process, enabling it to become Data Centre Zero by the year 2021.

Data Centre Zero, often abbreviated to DC0, is part of the University IT (UIT) Futures Programme supporting the institution’s Digital First Strategy. 


DC0, alongside other upcoming projects within the UIT Futures Programme, such as Microsoft Office 365, will improve collaboration, accessibility, and will be a more efficient way of working together. They will also deliver long-term cost and time savings on resources currently used to maintain the onsite data centres.