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Campus card update

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Remember to 'Tap In' to a square networked reader to keep up your access to rooms around campus.

Both staff and student campus cards have been updated recently, to improve your safety and security while on campus.

It is now essential to scan all cards on the square networked readers that are usually found outside University buildings every seven days. As seen below, you need to hold your card against the reader which will flash blue, then green and beep. The green flash and beep signal that the update is complete and you can continue to use your card as normal.

It's important to keep this in mind when you are away from the University for an extended period of time, like over the Christmas holidays. It keeps your classroom access updated just in case anything has been changed while staff and students have been away.

Another part of this update means that staff cards with 2018/19 expiry date on them will not be reprinted, as the update meant that cards no longer have an expiry date.


However, if it flashes red you will need to contact facilities help desk on 0191 515 3636.