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Clearing for the Web

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In preparation for Clearing in 2018 Technical Services came up with an online form to help improve ease of applying to University of Sunderland.


Just like the old method of Clearing, which involved directly phoning the University of Sunderland, the online form for Clearing becomes available on results day in mid-August. The online form has helped and will continue to help increase the ease for any potential students applying to the University. It also increases the accuracy of the information entered directly, and saving our staff time.


This new self-service method of applying through Clearing with us enables prospective students to do it all themselves. They enter their details, including their results and qualifications to check their course eligibility. The website then shows what courses they are eligible for, and if there is still room on them. If the course users are after is full, they can also search for similar courses, or see if it is part of a combined honours which still has availability on it.


As the information is entered directly, there is less room for error. This is compared to calling Clearing and having someone else input your information and search for the course, or type of course you are after. By allowing potential applicants the opportunity to do it all themselves, it removes the need for University staff to act as a middle man, saving them time, and allowing them to spend the gained time completing other tasks.