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Exchange upgrade

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On 29 July, how you access webmail will change in preparation for the upgrade of Exchange from the 2010 to 2016 version. 


The upgrade is another step towards preparing for Office 365. The new web login will be the new standard login page. Once the University begins the move to Office 365, that page is what users will see whenever they go to log into their online account.



After this upgrade has been complete, it will only change what users see when they access their Outlook emails online, use a Mac, or are not on the Sunderland campus, including Hong Kong and London campuses. If you are accessing your mail on a Mac, or none UDS machine, such as a personal latop or tablet, the above pop up window is what users will see when they are logging on in futre. When logging in online at users will notice a new login page, which can be seen below, this is in preparation for the move to Office 365.


To accommodate the changes to web mail there will be a service outage on 19 July from 5pm for three hours. The majority of staff will not be affected as they tend to use Outlook on Citrix (Desktop Anywhere) and University desktop (UDS) PC, and will continue to be automatically logged in. Only users from Hong Kong campus, London campus, and using the web mail will be affected by the outage, and notice the changes once the upgrade is complete.