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Forward Schedule of Change

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Keep up to date with any IT maintenance by checking the Forward Schedule of Change on the Technical Services website, or add the calendar to your Outlook.


The Technical Services team are constantly changing and updating the Technical Environment to ensure software remains up to date and improvements are made to provide a secure and efficient way of working.


Suggested changes by the team must be submitted as a change request via SAMANAGE, as part of the Change Management process.


A new Forward Schedule of Change feature has now been released, which will improve the Change Management process for the University. It is a ‘Change Calendar’ that you can add to your Outlook, so you can stay up to date with any changes. It is automatically updated, and is the quickest and easiest way for you to see what is going on.


This feature will help all attendees of the Change Advisory Board (CAB) to understand what changes are planned for the week ahead. It means that any staff member submitting a change request can view the schedule to identify what other changes are taking place in the period and whether these changes conflict with their own. It will also help communications planning and delivering weekly communications for any changes where appropriate.


If you have any question on the Change Management Process, please contact Clare O’Sullivan.

Click here to find our tutorial on how to add the Change Calendar to your Outlook, or click here to see the SAMANAGE guide on adding it.