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Graduation Bookings

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Students can now book their tickets for their Graduation Ceremonies via e-Vision.


On Wednesday 17 April, Technical Services enabled the new graduation booking system in SITS, which is why it is accessible to students via e-Vision. The previous mechanism used was due to be discontinued, and did not have support from the company who provided it. The provision of providing this via e-Vision offers students familiarity and ease of use, as they will have used e-Vision throughout their time at University.


Bev Muldowney said, “We are so pleased with this development, it is much better than we expected. After working with the Graduations team over the last three to four years, I’ve never known the phones be so quiet during the first week of bookings opening. We couldn’t believe it, and it’s certainly down to the move from WPM to e-Vision, it’s now a very easy to understand application process.”


The new mechanism helps free up some time for the Graduation team, as thanks to the self-service element of the new system less students contacting the team. There have been less errors and queries from students, meaning less phone calls and emails to the team. This has freed up key staff to start work on the preparation and planning required for the ceremony days much earlier in the cycle than the previous years.


This new way of booking tickets for graduation ceremonies offers students a better experience. It is obviously a successful system as around 1000 bookings have been confirmed so far, and the Graduation Team have received a low number phone calls.