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Updating the lecture areas with our Technical Refresh

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Technical Services is currently working with a number of partners, including CELT and Estates & Facilities to improve the University of Sunderland’s core lecture room areas.


This improvement is part of a significant investment across all campuses and linked to the reVIEW project, general refurbishments.

You should already be seeing the improvements in the Sir Tom Cowie lecture theatre and in lecture spaces in the Priestman building. The technical refresh ties in with the move to make learning more accessible. reVIEW (powered by Panopto) allows students to watch and take part in lectures and workshops, no matter where they are. It allows students to watch lectures after the event at a time that is more suited to their schedule. It also enables students to submit video assignments and for lecturers to give video feedback.


We are currently phasing out old style projectors, which relied on bulbs, and when left on for extended periods of time closed themselves down so they did not overheat. The new projectors are laser ones, presenting a much better image, can be used for a longer period of time, and comes with a host of better features, including remote management so Technical Services staff can be more responsive if you do have a problem. The lower maintenance cost, longer lifespan, are more reliable and produce a better quality image.


Along with changing the projectors, Technical Services have been working with Roche our AV (Audio Visual) consultant to audit the AV elements in all of the University’s teaching areas and we will be making more announcements regarding improvements over the summer.


We are developing a rolling refresh program in a bid to standardise the lecture room equipment across the University, making it easier for all staff to use.