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The Self-Service Kiosk has Arrived in Prospect.

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The self-service kiosk has arrived in Prospect.

28th of January saw the launch of the self-service kiosk, students may have noticed what looks like a large touch screen tablet on a black stand appear next to the enquiries desk at St. Peter’s.


Student Journey came up with the idea that is almost similar to a self-checkout system. It is quicker than speaking to a member of staff, and helps students skip the queue. It is touch screen, and allows you to get answers to select questions at the push of a button, whether it is to check your timetable or see what computers are free.


Technical Services have helped turn Student Journey’s vision into a reality by creating the user friendly browser. It even logs users out after 30 seconds just in case they forget to. As this was created within the University it means it can be developed further to suit the needs of students, if they feel more can be added to the browser.


Once City Gateway is refurbished, two self-service kiosks will be positioned near the Gateway help desk. These will also be to help students find answers to their questions quickly and efficiently on both campuses.