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The University is changing the way we deploy IT to ensure it is possible for staff to work flexibly from any location. To do this we are starting to remove fixed desktop PCs and move all staff to laptop devices to promote location independent working.


University IT have started to issue staff with a new standard device, a lightweight Windows 10 14” laptop. As staff require replacement devices they will be issued a laptop by default and a rolling programme of replacement should see all devices over five years being refreshed in this manner.


University of Sunderland HR team have been piloting the use of laptops for some time now and have moved away from fixed location PCs.


Helen Telford, HR Business Partner, said, “It’s great. We can go straight into meetings at any campus at any time, it’s even increased our productivity as we spend less time travelling. There’s no need to go back to the office for the last hour of the day if your meeting finishes early, you can work wherever you need.”


Flexible working across campuses, or ‘hot-desking’, means you can effectively move from desk to desk and not be tied to one location. Saving you from going back to your desk between meetings or teaching if it’s more convenient to stay where you are. It allows staff the flexibility to work from home if they need or prefer to, and is reducing the need for staff to carry significant amounts of paper and use portable storage devices to carry data with them.


Standardising the devices means the IT Service Desk will be able to offer greater support. We can install all standard docking arrangements to make it easy to connect to the network, a monitor, keyboard and mouse at the hot-desk areas. As we standardise on devices it also becomes much quicker and easier to swap out devices if they should fail improving the service to all of our staff.


To support this flexible working the University also now provide a Remote Desktop which is available from any device anywhere in the world and this allows secure access to University systems such as SITS, HR and finance regardless of location. More information can be found here.


UIT will be in touch with existing staff if we have identified your device for this technical refresh.