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How to Customise the Directory

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The new directory by default does not show the same information as the old directory. However, you can customise the directory to display the fields you would like to see.

Step 1:

Select the Configure Display icon

Step 2:

Select the columns you no longer wish to see displayed, here we have selected, Name, Department and and Line Name as these are all duplicate fields. (To select more than one column, hold the CTRL key and click on the column name) Once you have selected the columns you want to remove, click on the double arrow icon which points left.

Step 3:

You now need to select the columns you would like to add to your view, here we have selected, Building, Room Number and email address, which will replicate the fields in the old directory (again to choose more than 1 column, hold the CTRL key when you click the options you require). Once you have chosen the fields you would like to see, click the double arrow icon which points right.

Step 4:

You can change the order of the columns, click on the column you wish to move and then use the green up and down arrows to move the column to the required order.

Step 5:

Once you are happy with the changes you have made, Click Save

*Please note that any customisation to the directory view will only be persistent on the browser you change it on, if you use a different browser or a different PC you will need to change the settings again.