All University web hosted services will be at risk of downtime every Tuesday between 7am to 9am.

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University WiFi Services

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Depending where you are on Campus you will find 2 WiFi services available: 

eduroam is available on campus in all University of Sunderland buildings and provides Students and Staff with wifi access to the University of Sunderland network.  To connect, find Eduroam in your available wifi networks, connect to it and enter your e.g. and password if a student. 

or e.g. and password if a staff member

Eduroam can also be used with the same log in credentials when you visit other HE and participating organisations.

studentcom is only available in University accommodation for residents use, StudentCom provides a platform for TV, Telephone and Broadband Internet via wired and wireless connection, offering connection speeds of 30mbps and unlimited uploads and downloads.  Residents also have the option to upgrade to either a 50mbps or 100mbps service, as well as being able to add additional services such as sky sports for an additional fee.  For more information on the StudentCom offering, please visit the Residential Services page, you can find a link to the page on the right hand side of this page, you can find user guides and pre-registration information here.

The University's Wi-Fi service provides the following:

Greater Wireless Security

All of the data flying through the air between your computer or mobile device will be encrypted. This means that it is more secure and helps safeguard against hackers attempting to obtain your personal information.

No need to keep logging in after you switch on

Using the service will help you to get connected more rapidly and you won't need to log in each time you want to use the Internet. There is still a need to register your computer or mobile device, but once that is done you should be able to use it without having to re-enter your username and password.

Faster connection time

It will be faster to get connected to the Internet and University networks because there is no longer the need to wait for 50 seconds while the network decides where you are and how to put your device on-line.


If you would like any further information about the Wi-Fi service please contact the IT Service Desk by calling 0191 515 3333.