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SITS General Upgrade

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The SITS application and its web front end, eVision, recently received its yearly upgrade.


This annual double upgrade takes place to maintain our system support, fixes bugs and enables any enhancements to take place. Two new features were switched on, and made available after this upgrade.


The first of the two new features is ‘Automatic Duplicate Matching’. Enabling the system to review everyone who is in SITS, and delete any duplicated profiles. This detects whether a student is already present within the system, and associates their new application with the existing details, rather than creating a brand new entry. Therefore preventing doubling any existing data, ensuring it is of a better quality and will save time and money. It removes the need for someone to be constantly reviewing the data and manually removing people from the system. However, it is still necessary for someone to double check for duplicates as they are not always obvious to the online system.


The second update switched on is ‘Address History. This enables addresses from students to be historically recorded within SITS. Updating SITS is also helping to provide with the underpinning functionality required for the new method of HESA reporting, known as ‘HESA Data Futures’.