All University web hosted services will be at risk of downtime every Tuesday between 7am to 9am.

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Technical Services News

Technical Services / News

Latest News

The latest news from Technical Services is summarised below.

  1. CMIS

    CMIS is the application that University of Sunderland uses for timetabling, and it has recently completed its annual upgrade.

  2. Graduation Bookings

    Students can now book their tickets for their Graduation Ceremonies on e-Vision.

  3. Spotlight on Academic Technicians: Chemistry

    On 27 March the Schools’ Analyst Competition, which is run by the Royal Society of Chemistry’s (RSC) Analytical Division took place at University of Sunderland.

  4. Clearing for the Web

    In preparation for Clearing in 2018 Technical Services came up with an online form to help improve ease of applying to University of Sunderland.

  5. Agent Hub

    Agent Hub is an online gateway that will be improving the way agents submit applications.

  6. Spotlight on Academic Technicians: James Maskrey

    James specialises in hot glass, and is a well-known glass artist outside of working in Technical Services.

  7. Spotlight on Academic Technicians: Joanne Mitchell

    Joanne is a glass artist, she uses technology to inform her work, as another tool in her creative process.

  8. IT Service Catalogue upgrade

    The IT Service Catalogue is getting a new look.

  9. IT service desk

    IT support during student examinations

    IT support availability during exam season.

  10. Something new when you contact us

    What you hear when you call the IT service desk has changed.

  11. Updating the lecture areas with our Technical Refresh

    University IT are currently working on improving the University of Sunderland’s core lecture room areas.

  12. A new Wi-Fi for guests

    govroam is coming to the University of Sunderland.