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Latest News

The latest news from Technical Services is summarised below.

  1. Updating the lecture areas with our Technical Refresh

    University IT are currently working on improving the University of Sunderland’s core lecture room areas.

  2. A new Wi-Fi for guests

    govroam is coming to the University of Sunderland.

  3. Increasing your internet

    University of Sunderland will be increasing its internet link.

  4. Performance Dashboards

    In a bid to increase visits to University of Sunderland’s website, Technical Services have developed a way to help.

  5. Arts Design and Creative Industries templates

    University of Sunderland won Gold for the ‘Best Website’ at the 2018 Heist Awards, and thanks to this success the web team have been in high demand.

  6. UDS powered by Windows 10

    Say hello to the New University Desktop Service.

  7. Allocating work to Academic Tutors is now online

    Technical Services recently designed a new online system, Allocate, which allows managers to allocate work to Academic Tutors.

  8. Spotlight on Academic Technicians: Healthcare

    Spotlight on Technicians: Healthcare

  9. computer science

    Supporting you to build your digital skills

    Following the results of the Digital First Survey last academic year, we are offering the opportunity for you to complete a personal Digital Skills assessment.

  10. The Self-Service Kiosk has Arrived in Prospect.

    The Self-Service Kiosk has arrived in Prospect.

  11. Desktop Anywhere

    Desktop Anywhere is here.

  12. Forward Schedule of Change

    Keep up to date with any IT maintenance by checking the Forward Schedule of Change on the Technical Services website, or add the calendar to your Outlook.