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Spotlight on Academic Technicians: Hannah Gawne

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Hannah Gawne is Technical Service’s Senior Textile and Printmaking technician.


Last month Hannah entered her work into the Cascade Print Exchange. She even encouraged another one of our technicians, Michael Daglish, from photography, to enter it as well. This print exchange is hosted by Oregon State University and encourages print artists from all around the world to enter. They send in 15 identical prints created specifically for the event, one is kept as a collection piece, another is for the exhibition the University holds, and the other 13 are separated and sent all around the world to anyone else who entered it. Yuji Hiratsuka who runs the event says that he expects around 100 entries this year.


Hannah said, “Traditional print is gaining a lot of interest around the world, which is why it’s good to get other people’s work back (from the print exchange). It’s lovely to see the work people from all over are producing, they can inspire your art too.”


Being active in her industry is an essential part of the job. It means Hannah is constantly keeping herself up to date in what is going on, so if there are any new developments or trends in printmaking she’s aware. Showing students that she has her own personal practice as well as supporting them and the academic staff proves to students that they can have a career doing what they love.



Charlotte Dickins, first year illustration and design student, said, “Hannah is so nice, she’s literally always here. Even when she’s busy, she’ll always make sure you’ve got what you need and if loads of people want to see her she won’t turn anyone away, she’ll make time for everyone.”


Hannah will be starting a print club on a Wednesday afternoon to further support creative art and design staff and students, and encourage them to work together in a relaxed and informal workspace. The aim is to host a quarterly Print Club Exhibition to showcase the work, and encourage staff and students to enter their work into print exchanges, such as the Cascade Print Exchange and International Print Exchange, to help them gain skills, experience and give students something to add onto their CV.


Hannah Gawne is based in the Priestman building at City Campus. She will be entering the Derby Print Open for the first time later this year, and will be helping other staff and students participate in this.