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About My Campus Card

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Your campus card is your University ID – you need it to borrow books from the library, register your attendance, access certain buildings and facilities and also serves as proof that you are a student or member of staff at University of Sunderland. It’s best to keep it handy wherever you are on campus.

Your campus card contains the following:

  • Your photograph
  • Your name
  • Programme / Course
  • Student number
  • Barcode for library facilities

It also serves as proof of your University ID and can be used for free on-campus travel and student discounts in many shops and restaurants in the area.

When you enrol with the University, uploading a photograph for your campus card is part of the process and, providing you do this, you’ll be able to collect your card from your faculty upon arrival.

Attendance Monitoring

For more information regarding Attendance Monitoring please visit here.

Building Access

Campus Cards will also allow you access to certain buildings out of hours.

If you require access to a building please see the relevant Buildings Manager to obtain access.  If you need access to more than one building this can usually all be contained on your Campus Card.

The following people are entitled to apply for building access

  • Staff and students who are registered disabled and require access to buildings via automatic doors.
  • Staff and students who hold a valid Out of Hours Form that has been authorised by the Dean /Director of Faculty / Service and the Security Manager.

All applications will be assessed for eligibility.

For access to Halls of Residence you must see the relevant group residences manager for them to give you access. If you are experiencing problems with access to your halls accommodation, contact your Halls Manager directly, or contact Security Services on (0191) 5152028 if your halls accommodation office is closed.

If you are having problems with your door access for non-residential buildings then please submit an enquiry on Compass or visit the Gateway Enquiry Desk


Lost Campus Card

Should you lose your campus card at any point during your time at the University, you can buy a replacement for £10 from the online store. If your card needs replacing due to normal wear and tear, or has passed its expiry date, then we may be able to replace it for free - you will need to hand in your damaged card. Replacements for stolen campus cards are free if you provide a crime number (you will need to report it to the police).

Replacement cards will be delivered to your term-time address that you can manage and amend in e:Vision.

If you do lose you card, you should let us know as soon as possible – we will deactivate it immediately, making sure that no-one can pretend to be you and use it for fraudulent means! Once a card has been deactivated, it cannot be reused and so you will need to purchase a new one even if you find it – so it's best to take care of your card.

You can order your replacement card via the online store.

Collecting Campus Cards 

Before we can provide you with a campus card you will need to upload a photograph of yourself into our MyPhoto system. 

Once you have uploaded a photograph we will post your card to your term-time address. It’s always worth checking your address is correct on e:Vision before you upload your photograph.