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Staff UDS Laptops

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If you require the flexibilty of a laptop, we can provide a range of laptops to suit your needs, be that the occassional need to work from home, or travelling the world and the need for something light and portable. A UDS laptop will provide the benefits of the managed environment, with the flexibility of being able to use the device away from the office.

We have identified 4 key areas for working with your laptop, these are;

  • Working at your desk connected to the University network
  • Working on campus connected to the University network
  • Working off campus conected to the internet
  • Working off campus not connected to the internet

The most convenient way to get the best out of a UDS Laptop is to use your laptop as your main machine both in and out of the office. This will provide cost savings (requiring the need to only have one machine) and avoid any potential problems arising out of the need to synchronise data between a laptop and desktop. If you use both a laptop and a desktop, care must be taken as both machines may start synchronising program files as well as personal data files which may lead to inconsistent or lost data.

If you would like to request a laptop please log in to the IT Portal or call 0191 515 3333.