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Staff Desktop (UDS)

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  1. Staff Machines Hints and Tips

    Here we have a number of tips that can help with the performance of your UDS machine, which will hopefully improve your user experience.

  2. Staff UDS Data Storage

    The University has a duty to ensure that its staff is made aware of how to handle information produced, managed and stored within its computer system.

  3. Staff UDS Laptops

    If you require the flexibilty of a laptop, we can provide a range of laptops to suit your needs

  4. How to find your Staff UDS Name?

    Every UDS computer and laptop has a unique name that helps us to identify it, which enables us to push out specific software and updates.

  5. Staff UDS Automatic Shutdown

    Your UDS machine, if not already switched off will automatically shutdown at 7.30pm each evening.

  6. Staff UDS Lite

    UDS Lite was designed to run on notebooks and other small portable devices

  7. University Desktop Services - Powered By Windows 10

    UDS is moving to Windows 10. Find out all the information about the New system including Features and FAQ's